In the wake of The Trial of Usher Randall, the Buddy Resistance is gearing up for the ultimate hacking attack on LUX. But they can’t do it without your help. Join them in Brooklyn, train to join the resistance.

The Story

Like all of mankind’s greatest narratives, our story starts with a glowing cube that falls from the heavens… and then you got to mess with it.


Shortly after the events of Please Party Thank You, the founder of LUX, Paulbert Pontifex, died. In his will, he mandated an extravagant party be thrown in his memory. That night, Pontifex’s loyal android was slain, and guests concluded that Usher Randall, the leader of The 8th Row was the most likely suspect.


The mysterious, and questionably competent LUXos corporation threw a party for Bruce, the man who found the cube, in order to steal it from him. There, we were introduced to all the factions taking an interest in LUX, and ultimately handed possession of the cube to The 8th Row, which is definitely not a cult.