Main Organizations

The primary players in our current narrative season. Details will fill out as more information is revealed.


Luxury Universal e[X]perience (LUX)

Slogan: "The Future of Tomorrow’s Cinema… Today!”

Leader: Paulbert Filius Pontifex III (esq.), Founder and Head Owner. He is very much alive.

Description: Luxury Universal [e]Xperience (DPRKSE: LUX) stands for the cutting edge of Twentieth-Century Entertainment. Committed to a vision of vertically-integrated* film financing, distribution and theater presentation, all in the service of putting the customer** first and providing “110% More FUN than a Regal [Cinema].”



Central Services


Leader: Voyt3k_Bir0shak, the overeager weirdo who assumes leadership of the CS "Unperson Army"

Description: A motley crew of desperate, tin foil-wearing conspiracy theorists bound together by their obsession with the "Nemesis Fungus" and stopping LUX at all costs.



The Troubleshooters

Slogan: “Not Now Derica, I’m writing a Medium Post.”

Leader: Kiet Aksorpan – current CEO of Luxury Universal [e]Xperience and former traveling companion to Paulbert Pontifex.

Description: Armed with floppies with MS-DOS, the Troubleshooters aim to gain control of a company run by an Artificial Intelligence.



The Buddy Resistance


Leader: Cipher Rage, the radicalized former "Buddy" out to free the world from the arms of LUX, and her second-in-command, Zag

Description: A ragtag group of radical ex-LUX "Buddies" who've become cyberpunk hackers. They live in the deepest depths of “The Undercity,” and sometimes surface on their private IRC board to talk with “elite hackers.”



The 8th Row

Slogan: “Right this Way…

Leader: Usher Randall, the charismatic and manipulative ex-Resistance member who spreads the good word of LUX's Mechanical Messiah

Description: A cult disguised as a self-help group, the 8th Row was founded to help dispossessed LUX "Buddy" washouts and Resistance members reconnect with life's greatest calling - being an usher under a computer overlord.


Brucie and the Jets

Slogan: “J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!”

Leader: Bruce Warford, a semi-employed diehard NY Jets fan currently working at a gas station in Kingston, NY.

Description: Bruce Warford works at a gas station in upstate New York, loves the Jets and his new wife Sarah, and has a penchant for stumbling headfirst into the world of FutureProof. Now-forgotten former owner of “THE CUBE.”

Brucie and The Jets(cast)


The Gentleman Adventurers Club

Leader: Sir Johnathan Rawley, the elderly yet spry former adventuring buddy of LUX Founder Paulbert Pontifex, assisted by his manservant, Tuesday

Description: Founded by Paulbert Pontifex III, esq. and Sir Johnathan Rawley and currently headed by the latter, the GAC now seeks the final treasure Paulbert found – the lost Treasure of the Flor de la Mar. They communicate via "traditional" mail, idolize Livingston, and love storytelling.