Future Proof is a sci-fi alternate reality game world full of absurd factions and silly characters derived from pop culture of the past three decades and beyond. Multiple storylines play out both online and at live events in which you, the player, are able to influence the story by interacting with these factions.



LUXos – an outdated artificial intelligence built to run the ultimate film corporation (Luxury Universal [e]Xperience, or LUX) – has come back online after being dormant since the year 2000. In its attempts to enforce its prime directive – to create an experience "110% more FUN than a Regal" – LUXos invents UVX or Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience technology, which promises to be better than 4DX and IMAX combined. LUX’s latest production, 80s action film The Most Dangerous Man, is the product of a defunct computer's understanding of what viewers want to see.

The rebirth of LUXos attracts a variety of unique and absurd organizations struggling among themselves in attempts to influence it. These include the fanatically technophobic ex-ushers of LUX who live in the Undercity, a group of die-hard Val Kilmer fans seeking their idol's lost film, and LUX's current human CEO, who finds that his company has suddenly become sentient, to name a few.

All the narratives will converge at UVX: The Ultimate Viewing [x]Xperience, a massive transmedia event combining interactive film and immersive live theater. UVX tech allows audiences to vote on changes to the film and live show in real time – changes including but not limited to: genre permutations, certain characters' fates, and the very environment inside the theater. 

No matter what happens, UVX is never the same twice, and every choice changes the future of Future Proof.